At K-CELL Consulting, we have developed proprietary business management tools that help create & unlock value by improving strategic decision-making in your company.

K-CELL Client Engagement Model:
At K-CELL, we follow a 7-step client engagement model: Discovery > Analysis > Assessment > Presentation > Implementation > Result > Review. It helps both – clients as well as K-CELL – by providing a structured, well-defined, efficient and effective approach to address business challenges and delivering value, resulting in successful, long-term client relationships.

K-CELL Business Planning Framework:
K-CELL (Conceptualisation – Evolution – Launch – Lifecare) Business Planning Framework is a powerful tool that helps clients with innovative ideas, concepts and solutions – from insights to commercialisation. It helps clients develop an effective business plan for their companies.

K-CELL Brand Positioning Grid:
It is a brand management tool that helps companies understand and evaluate market positioning by analysing how the brand is perceived by customers in relation to their competitors. Based on this, companies can design strategies for improving the brand’s position through enhancing specific attributes or targeting different markets / customer segments, or repositioning the brand in consumers’ minds.

K-CELL Value Creation Canvas:
It is a strategic management tool to help companies define, visualise and communicate their value proposition for their customers. It helps gain a comprehensive understanding of how their business model operates. It brings clarity & alignment in the company and guides strategic decision-making.